Within a very short period of time, student of 85 different Bengali and English medium school of Dhaka city have been enrolled in this revolutionary program and getting the enormous benefit from the learning Aloha Arithmetic.

During the early launching of ALOHA in Bangladesh, the parents and guardians who had believed in the efficacy or usefulness of this program and enrolled their offspring are certainly getting the enormous benefits today. But now, parents who are intending to enroll or have just enrolled their wards into this program can easily verify the effectiveness of this program from the existing senior ALOHA student who are going to the same schools as their wards. For the convenience of the prospective parents, a copy of the list of schools where ALOHA has its students is attached herewith.

Presently, ALOHA activities are being conducted at our own centers in four different locations in Dhaka e .g, Dhanmondi, Mirpur, Banani & Mailbag. Besides these, the school management of mohammadpur preparatory school and Oxford International School have been able to assimilate the importance and benefits of this learning system and have shown keen interest to have this program conducted in their own campus for to give its student the benefits of this learning where total brain development is possible and can bring about better performance in any and all the subjects in school.

ALOHA is spreading around the globe in geometric progression. Our neighboring country India has more then 100,000 students who are getting benefits of this learning for the last five years.(http://www.alohaindia.com)

Our children are getting more dependants on machines in this age of technology. But slow and steadily they are losing their creative minds and thought process. At one point of time they won’t be able to think! Some Japanese researchers have found out that Abacus learning can bring about distinctive development in children’s total thought process.http://www.syuzan.net/english/brain/brain.html / http://www.smartbrainamerica.com/faq.php

So, please visit our knowledge bank on every Friday & Saturdays to enquire from the existing parents and find out their opinions about this learning method, which will help you to take the decision about enrolling your child to this revolutionary program.
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